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DCS integrated e-security solutions conceived, designed. Projective specific tailored are executed or currently being implemented in various ongoing projects in Nigeria. “From design and implementation perspective, integrated security solutions have been judged to be an antidote to reactionary long-time challenges of security and assets management”. Large facilities, organization with multiples sites, offices and locations, from one part of the state to others can now monitors and managed securely from one central location and control room.

This proactive designed methodology equally focuses on development of a world-class monitoring control room infrastructure for security personal, asset managers and investigators. Our proprietary (VMS) video management solution can connect all security components CCTV cameras, fire and burglary components, access control seamlessly into one single engine built with intelligent analytics. This feature enables installed components interact, talk to each other, provide instant messaging with or without embedded videos, text message, provide operators a platinum for daily security reports and health conditions of all installed components. VMS come standard with built-in intelligence and analytics, to record events and send alerts based on pre-programmed or predefine security breach events.

Why IP CCTV Integration With Fire – Burglary And Access Control

Integrated Control Room

  • Multi-site integration
  • Multi-site recording and monitoring
  • Remote site monitoring
  • Fire and Burglary
  • Access Control
  • Messaging; text and video embedded
  • Event and Alert video recording report
  • Central control room
  • System health monitoring
  • Central video storage etc


We are dedicated to the provision of a complete security package that satisfies our clients. We do not just sell products and services from manufacturers, but we also conduct extensive research and consulting within the digital maze. Our company in partnership with OEM partners across the globe have acquired proprietaries of various integrated wires and wired IP security solutions to satisfy your security requirements and need.

It is alongside this backdrop that we are proposing a free no-obligation site visit to access your physical security requirement and propose an integrated electronic solution.

For us at DCS Security Systems, monitoring of the security situation has revealed that a very high percentage of security breaches in form of kidnappings and armed robberies and other violent crimes occurs and perpetrated, taking advantage of public places. This situation calls for an improved CCTV surveillance platinum, centrally managed to help law enforcement keep a watchful eye on critical infrastructures and assets. The advantages of integrated security components; cameras, fire, burglary and access control is invaluable. It is purely a proactive crime prevention tool and its possible multiplier effects include but not limited to:

  • Providing surveillance functions that deter people from committing crimes.
  • Signifying to the would-be criminal that an area secured with CCTV is a safe place.
  • Ensure security and public safety
  • Provide investigators tools and data for crime investigation
  • Report and record live events live as it happens.
  • Send alert to law enforcement to manage crime management.



With your kind approval of the concept and a duly signed letter of intent in favour of DCS to procure and install, DCS Security Ltd will carry out a free no obligations security assessment of your facility. We will design, procure and implement an IP security solution in your facility seamlessly dove tailed to a common room for central security management.


  • Safety of lives of terminal users, operators and government properties
  • Protect infrastructure from vandalism
  • Proactively report, provide and protect evidence to prosecute crime
  • Aid in accident and disaster management and recovery operations
  • Boast visitors and terminal user’s safety consciousness
  • Economic boast to visitor showcasing Lagos as a true Mega City.

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Our services are perfectly fitted and tailored to suit the wide array of different clients such as Corporate Business Houses, Government Parastatals, Non-Governmental Organizations, Educational Institutes, Military, Paramilitary, Police, Financial Institutions, Residential, etc, who engage us for their security needs. We have also been regular suppliers to Nationalized and Multinational Banks, Airports and Airline Companies, Refineries and Oil Depots, Docks and Ports, Manufacturing companies, Waterfronts, Five Star and Seven Star Hotels and Private Sectors.

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